• You are the campus card manager who makes manual meal plan updates in your card system.
  • You are the sys admin who writes SQL scripts to update records.
  • You are the auxiliary services director who relies on IT to deliver file imports from your SIS.
  • You are the security director who manually deactivates a cardholder in the door access system.
  • You work in student life and email housing changes to the above departments.
  • You are the CIO whose department spends too much money on inefficient 3rd party tools.

And you all work on the same campus.

Managing campus data shouldn’t be so difficult. And now with SwiftData, it isn’t.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how we can save you from the headaches (and expense!) of managing and updating campus systems on your own.

“SwiftData lives up to their name. From the design phase through the implementation and into ongoing support, SwiftData always responded to my calls or emails the same day, most of the time within the hour. Whenever there was an issue, SwiftData worked to have it resolved by the next day, frequently completing the work the night of. They communicated clearly, in detail, and provided exactly what we had agreed upon. I would recommend SwiftData for anyone in need of data integration work.”

– Kirk Wydner, Oregon State University

Are you ready to find out how much time and money SwiftData can save your campus?

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