Who is SwiftData?
SwiftData was founded by campus One Card industry veterans Bill and Brian Adoff in 2015. Our goal is to make life easier for you and your staff by better integrating the disparate third-party systems on your campus. We have over 25 years experience integrating campus software systems.

What is Data Management?
Data management is the process of automating the data workflows between disconnected systems in an organization. The Pinwheel DME is designed mainly for what we call “auxiliary systems” like door access, stored value and event tracking systems. Where a user physically interacts with the software systems such as using an ID card to unlock a door, purchase a meal in the cafeteria, or enter an event. Data management using Pinwheel DME allows you to control these standalone systems using the data and business rules that are already in place in your organization.

You say Pinwheel DME is customized. Is this a one-off solution?
While Pinwheel DME is customized to automate your unique business rules and workflows it is far from a “one-off”. The Client Program portion of Pinwheel is where we build the business logic for your data workflows. We customize the code in this program based on your requirements. The other major component of Pinwheel are our Vendor Plug-Ins. These programs can be considered COTS, or commercial-off-the-shelf, and developed to be plug and play with your different third-party systems. Unlike custom, one-off solutions that can take many months to develop and cost upwards of six figures, Pinwheel DME takes only weeks to implement and costs far less.

Ready to take the next step?

Tell us about your campus systems and the current processes you have in place to pass data between them. We can also put you in touch with other satisfied SwiftData customers to find out how they use Pinwheel DME.