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Wisconsin Schools Select SwiftData for Campus Card and Door Access Data Management

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The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) recently awarded SwiftData Technology a contract as part of WAICU’s One Card solution program.

WAICU is the official organization of Wisconsin’s 24 private, nonprofit colleges and universities. Dedicated to expanding educational opportunity for students, WAICU is nationally recognized for its innovative programming to control college costs and for its partnerships with employers to provide skilled graduates.

Under WAICU’s One Card program, all 24 member institutions can implement SwiftData’s Pinwheel Data Management Engine (DME) solution at a deep discount. Pinwheel DME is a vendor-neutral, standalone data integration platform that reduces costs for campus IT and auxiliary departments by outsourcing data integration automation for campus card and door access systems.

“Managing on campus one card data integrations can be a daunting task,“ said Bill Schultz of WAICU. “In our quest to put together a first class program for WAICU members we turned to Swiftdata for their industry leading data integration management tool. Pinwheel DME will save our members time and money with the ability to easily automate the integration of one card data between disparate systems.”

The development of this new program began in January with a WAICU higher education one card symposium, attended by 38 representatives from member colleges and universities. The symposium provided members an opportunity to identify the features they need/desire in a one card system. WAICU staff reviewed and evaluated a variety of one card solutions with ongoing feedback from a taskforce of WAICU members.

“Since Pinwheel DME works with all campus systems we look forward to helping WAICU institutions take advantage of the money-saving benefits from outsourcing their data integrations,” said Brian Adoff, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development for SwiftData.